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French Glitter

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  • 24 nails in different sizes so you can be sure to get the perfect fit
  • Double-sided glue pads for temporary/ lasts up to one week with proper care
  • Manicure stick and alcohol cleaning pad to properly prepare nails and cuticles
  • Nail file


  • Instant gel colour and shine
  • No glue means no nail damage
  • Reusable
  • Super thin and flexible for comfortable wear
  • Easy to apply and remove



Our nails take minutes to apply!

1. Carefully use the manicure stick to gently move your cuticles aside. This helps your Press on Nail fit nicely against your finger.

2. Clean your nails thoroughly with the alcohol wipe provided.

3. Choose the Press on Nail which best suits the size of your fingernail.

Tip: if one of your Press on Nails breaks or pops off, simply reapply a new one after removing, cleaning, and re-preparing your nail. If using glue tabs (lasts up to one week with proper care): Choose the glue tab that best fits the size of your fingernail. Apply the glue tab as close to the cuticle as possible, then remove the film, apply the nail in line with the cuticle, and hold down firmly for 15-20 seconds.

Repeat the process for each of your other fingernails.